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Latest alum review. 9/4/15

Song Fwaa

Musicians are said to “play” music because ultimately it is a game, albeit sometimes a very high-stakes one. Song Fwaa’s Martin Kay (alto saxophone), David Reaston (eight-string guitar) and Jamie Cameron (drums) are gamesters of the highest order. Even when their music is so delicately poignant that it threatens to shred your heart, or is as mesmerising as an incantation (Twice Bitten Once Shy), it is still underpinned by an essential playfulness. At other times the game becomes the focus via compositions containing rhythmic puzzles that they solve with panache and via a mischievous edge of anarchy in the way they interact. Then suddenly you are aware that amid the fun and mayhem they have quietly raised the stakes: between the urgency of the alto, the keyboard-like guitar and the turbulent drums they have arrived at a language all their own, but one that is never foreign to the listener precisely because it is played with infectious abandon. JOHN SHAND


10 Guitar Project at Sizzle

Looking forward to playing at Ensemble Offspring’s ‘Sizzle’ Event this Sunday, 3-5pm at the Red Rattler, Marrickville. It’s free entry and there will be a sausage sizzle so come along. There will be sets from the 10 Guitar Project, Jess Green, Kate Moore/Ensemble Offspring and a performance of John Cage’s ‘musicircus’.
10 Guitar Project line up will be – Guitars: David Reaston, Julian Curwin, Jess Green, Ben Hauptmann, Jono Holmes, Peter Koopman, Carl Morgan, Sam Rollings, Tim Rollinson, Jeremy Sawkins
Drums: Jamie Cameron

Serialism Or Not; Garnering Form With An Attitude!

Song Fwaa
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Reviewed by , November 1st, 2014

Song Fwaa is the name of a Sydney based art jazz, new music trio consisting of Martin Kay (alto saxophone), David Reaston (acoustic nylon 8-string guitar with effects) and Jamie Cameron (drums and cymbals). In their second album, Sons Of No Guns For We Are Anomalous, they continue to explore experimental composition techniques and the resulting potential for improvisation which began with Ligeti’s Goat (2011).

There is much wordplay and surreal, darkly comic imagery in the song titles, an approach which is also evident in the music itself. Song Fwaa is a play on ‘sangfroid’ and is also an acronym of the album name. The titles and album notes cryptically namecheck inspirations such as saxophonist and downtown NYC band leader Tim Berne, Dave Brubeck, Scott Joplin and David Tudor (associate of John Cage)…

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Song Fwaa Album Launch

DATE Friday 8th August 2014  TIME 8:30pm  VENUE The Sound Lounge TICKETS$20/$15/$10  Book Online or 9351 7940


Those who heard Song Fwaa, heard edge, originality and musical humour so cunning that no weasel could better it.  John Fenton, Creative Jazz Club (NZ)

Song Fwaa are launching their second album Sons Of No Guns, For We Are Anomalous, following on the hooves of their debut release, Ligeti’s Goat, described by various reviewers as passionate, explosive, tranquil, sublime, abstract, eclectic, fiercely cohesive. Their second album sounds a unit burnished by intensive composing, performing, touring and recording. Obsessive ostinatos, quirky melodies, delicious silences, and flurries of freedom provide the vehicle for three unique virtuosic improvisors. David Reaston is an original with a wide palette, an experimenter with timbre and tuning and a fascinating compositional mind. Jamie Cameron plays with perverse grooves and hits a lovely melody. Martin Kay combines the interstitial with visceral directness and has a fondness for epic compositional form, even in miniature. Gambol on an evening of joyous and original sound!

Martin Kay (alto sax) David Reaston (guitar) Jamie Cameron (drums)